About me......


  I am Spike O'Dell.
  After living in northern Illinois most of my life, my wife Karen and I recently left the corporate world in Chicago and moved to middle Tennessee. We are living right on the banks of Old Hickory Lake.
  It is quite a lifestyle change for me! After working "on the air" for 31 years (21 years at WGN radio in Chicago...my WGN bio can be read HERE...) I now enjoy the peace and quiet of lakeshore living.
  No more traffic jams...no more sirens and horns honking...no more phones ringing...and no more meetings! Life is truly good.
  Our children (AND our grand children) live about 30 minutes from us and that makes it even nicer.
  The sounds that fill the air now are that of geese flying over or the birds chirping at the feeder. In the summer we hear the sounds of fishing boats and pleasure craft. (...and now, babies laughing, crying or burping!) I love hearing those sounds!
  I have always enjoyed nature and wildlife...in particular, birds! Over the years, it has become the Bluebird that I am drawn to.
  Through the pages of this website I will share with you what I see everyday in my backyard. Enjoy!

All photos by Spike O'Dell (copyright 2010)

This is where I used to work! A GREAT radio station! I make a quick appearance in this commercial at about the 8 second mark.....:-)